SoutheastCon Competition

Every year, the team participates in the IEEE SoutheastCon Hardware Competition. We are required to build an autonomous robot to solve a set of tasks as laid out by the competition rules for the year.

Robotics Integrated Platform

The Robotics Integrated Platform, or RIP, is a framework for the rapid development and prototyping of small scale autonomous robots. RIP consists of several modular components which work together to quickly create a solid, reliable foundation.


ArduinoGen is a utility which allows for the automated generation of Arduino code which natively interfaces with RIP. ArduinoGen offers a drag and drop web interface to specify attached components and to remotely program Arduinos.


Pathfinder is a path planning library which interfaces with RIP to allow for point based autonomous navigation. Pathfinder generates spline paths between specified points and supports multiple drivetrain configurations.


RIPCom is a terminal and web based communication console which allows for a user to interact with an Arduino which has been programmed by ArduinoGen.

Countdown to SoutheastCon 2018