Robot 2016

About Us

The University of Tennessee IEEE Robotics Team (aka Volts) is a club organization operating under the UTK IEEE Student chapter. Every year, the team competes in IEEE SouthEastCon's student hardware competition which pits colleges and universities across the south east against each other to see who can design, build, and program the best autonomous robot for a specified task.


How to join?

There are no strict membership requirements. To join the team, simply show up to our weekly meetings and contribute where possible.

Who can join?

We welcome all majors. Most members are from within the EECS department with a few members from MABE, but there is not a specific major requirement.

When do we meet?

The team current meets every Tuesday at 6:30 PM in Min Kao 332.

What do we do?

The IEEE Robotics Team competes annually in the IEEE SoutheastCon Student Hardware Competition. Every year, the competition publishes new rules for a different challenge. Typically, we construct a mobile autonomous robot no larger than one cubic foot (12" x 12" x 12") which performs some set of tasks. This requires mechanical, electrical, and software components to work in harmony in order to succeed.

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